caveman keno plus

caveman keno plus
caveman keno plus
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Caveman Keno PosterCaveman Keno captura de pantalla 1Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 2Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 3Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 4Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 5Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 6Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 7Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 8Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 9Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 10Caveman Keno captura de pantalla 11
caveman keno plusLa descripción de Caveman KenoCaveman Keno is an extremely fun game that casino lovers enjoy as it's a cool variation over standard keno with robust graphics and pleasurable ancient sounds. Hit 2 or more dino eggs and receive a multiplier on winning keno tickets.

Our realistic version includes ongoing stats to track your play along with multi denomination play where you choose the amount per credit from 7 different options. In addition you can bet from 1 credit up to max credits of 10 per keno roll.

Caveman Keno features unlimited play! That's right, no waiting each hour or running out of credits and no in-app purchases. You can play straight and unlimited forever!

For entertainment purposes only. Practice up and perfect your keno skill with our fantastic game that provides a real-feel casino experience.

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Descarga de APK de Caveman Keno 1.3.6 para Android. Crack dinosaur's eggs for multipliers in this fun casino style keno for free

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